Tuesday, September 16, 2014



One thing that gives me an advantage over most people is the ability to penetrate through fog and bore to the core of an issue. A lot of people think some kind of tax fix is the answer to the nation’s problems. And there are others that think some kind of convention of the states is the answer. 

But, I’m here to tell you nothing is going to save the USA and western civilization unless the core root problem is dealt with. And through all of the fog and side issues I see it all alone standing there the core and root problem itself. The core and root cause for the coming doom and destruction of the USA and western civilization is: “Government in the role of social and family provider.” 

Now government is personally responsible for millions upon millions of mouths to feed. And with its power to tax and spend nothing is going to stop it from caring for it’s dependents in that role, period. Never in 6,000 years of written history on a mass scale has a government taken on such a permanent burden before the “New deal” came along. 

Even in socialist and communist countries there are make work jobs. And until the USA government surrenders the provider role back to the private sector nuclear and extended family system this nation cannot and will not be saved from total doom. However, the big problem is acquiring the vehicle to get us back to depending on the bread and butter nuclear family system before our USA government crashes and burns. 

The only vehicle on earth with the power to get the USA back on track is the all mighty all powerful free market place. However, with the USA there is problem, the USA has a P . . . . of an economy. 

No problem that can be fixed, the USA economy is just hog tied and has no power to discipline itself due to the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. And that can easily be remedies by repealing the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, then a free untied all powerful free market place economy will take it from there and save this great nation. 

Even on an individual basis a head of household provider is going to do everything within his/her power to feed and care for his/her dependents. There have been many cases where a family provider would beg, borrow, and steal to feed its dependents. So, it only stands to reason with government’s power to tax and spend nothing is going to stop it from taxing production and producers to death to feed its dependents.  

The only way to deal with government as a family provider is to get it out of that role, period.

The private sector nuclear and extended family system is the only thing that can carry the social and family provider load over the long haul, period. Through shallow minded ignorance the liberals put this load and burden on a permanent basis on the USA government and it has been there ever since the “New deal.” 

Now, it has simply become too heavy for the USA government to carry it any longer, which is going to make it impossible for the USA economy to survive. There is simply no doubt in my mind the USA economy is going to soon crash, and our only hope is to repeal the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law before it is too late. 

If that is done in time that will transfer the load and burden back where it has always been for over 6,000 years with the private sector. And that will free up government to collect taxes, protect the interior, fight wars, etc.. That is the only thing that is going to save our USA P . . . . of an economy from a total collapse and soon. 
We have no other choice if the great USA is to survive, period. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

As a rule I stay away from commenting on hot button emotional issues, but to me it seems to be something sinister going on with this Ray Rice case and I decided to weigh in. Like it says in the good book let who is without sin throw the first stone seems to be totally forgotten. 

No decent self-respecting human being is going to condone a vastly more powerful man knocking a woman out for any reason, period. However, we all are human and to err in itself is human. 

If provoked enough we all have a snapping point, then you couple that with possibly two intoxicated individuals, who is to say who is victimized, here, reality is reality. Sure, punishment is due, but to take a man’s lively hood away and totally destroy him for bad judgment and possibly too much to drink is overkill in my view. 

People tend to live on a standard equal to their income and he probably owes a lot of people a lot of money. It is hard enough now for a woman to get a man to make a commitment, and crucifying punishment like this means passive type women are in and aggressive independent type women are out, reality is reality. 

What concerns me about the whole thing is this liberal created political correctness hog wash. If this political correctness nonsense continues we will end up with a P . . . . of a nation just like we already have a P . . . . of an economy. 

I will stop here, I have already said too much, I hope I don’t end up begging on the streets due to the  political correctness mob like what they may do to Ray Rice.

These shallow minded liberals don’t understand profit, individual freedom, or anything, they think survival is a pie train, almost everything in this great nation is upside down, God help us.

ADD ON: SEPT. 14, 2014

All of this ado and emotional hype about this case is not from football fans and the general public in my view. I think it is extreme liberalism gone amok. I see this as an individual case that has been turned into a mountain out of a mole hill. But, extreme liberalism want to turn it into some kind of domestic violence movement. 

Culture-wise we are past the point of no return when one can’t spank or discipline one’s child anymore, that in itself is a threat to law enforcement everywhere, but liberals are too shallow to see that. 

When undisciplined youngster that have never been conditioned to act with restraint when dealing with frustration reach adulthood only law enforcement stands between them and an orderly safe environment. 

A child’s basic personality is shaped by the age of six and many a first grade school teachers can point out even at that age the ones that will most likely end up in prison. That is our welfare state and liberalism in action.

Spare the rod you spoil the child is as valid today as it was 2000 years ago. Liberalism has destroyed this great nation and I’m just one lone neurotic mentally handicapped cripple trying to make a stand. 

I don’t expect most people to agree with me, but think God we live in a country where I won’t disappear  in the middle of the night. Praise be to God.  CONTINUE >>>>>

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I consider myself to be conservative, but even more so a realist. In terms of gaining and keeping power I think the establishment republican party is taking the right course. 

However, I also think the conservatives and tea party is right on what is best for the long term survival of our nation, but their policies will guarantee that the Dems stay in power and they never get power. The Dems created our welfare state and with them in power the good old USA will never get control of suicide spending. 

With the establishment republicans in power the suicide spending train to hell will be slowed down considerately but not enough to avoid eventually reaching doom. My heart and soul is with the conservatives and tea party because they know this country’s survival is at stake, but they are eighty years too late to make a do or die stand. 

Conservatives allowed the liberals to enact two “New deal” programs that this great nation will never recovery from unless they are eliminated and soon. The first program was government seizing and taking on the role of social and family provider. That means government starts feeding on itself and taxing production until there is nothing left to tax. Duh? 

The second program was enacting the cruel evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. The cruel and evilness of this law means the death of a true free market economy, that is why I drumbeat so hard on ridding this nation of this monster. 

This law alone is what allowed the shallow brained liberals to cripple the USA economy to the point it don't have the power to fight off inflation, which lead to the destruction of our culture, morals, and values. A true free market economy without a choking minimum wage law would never allow hoards of foreign invaders to flood into this great country. 

That is because the demand wouldn’t be there. Those now on welfare would have all of those jobs the invaders are seeking. And there wouldn't be any welfare for anyone to free load on, an unshackled free USA economy would never tolerate it. Sure, we have a welfare state today but I guarantee you we won't have one very much longer. Yet, we march on deeper into fantasy land.

Otherwise, the strong nuclear and extended family system, churches, and social organizations would be strong enough to meet social needs like through out history. And temporary government help would only be a last resort. Now, when this welfare state soon totally collapses the USA and western civilization may fall all the way back to the Stone Age. Wake up America, I’m for real, this is no joking matter.

The liberals from both political parties created this entitlement gimmy, gimmy populace as huge as ninety percent to some degree. So, lets face it, most of these masses of government dependents will never bite the hand that feeds them. 

Sure, in some cases hardcore conservatives and tea party members are going to get elected, but to become a majority party in power ain’t going to happen. I will sum it up by saying anyone that have read my work know I offer a solution. And I know it will take a miracle for my solution to happen. 

I don’t know how the almighty is going to make it happen but I believe some way some how it will happen, it must. The evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law must be repealed it is the only solution. 

Repealing the minimum wage law will set free the might USA economy that is still shackled and tired up from the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. No other force on this earth has the power to save the USA from total doom. 

A free genuine true free market place economy has never failed to save a dying nation. Don’t doubt me; my destiny is to keep sounding the distress call for survival.

Unlike authoritarian type governments, free countries with private property rights must rely on the free market place to maintain discipline and protect its culture, morals, and values. That is because people have the right to be stupid or anyway they want to be. 

Right now 95 percent of the American people believe a higher minimum wage and making more money will solve their problems. That is like treating ones big toe thinking it will solve a heart problem. 

The fact is its not how much money one makes that matters, it is far more important how much can be bought with the money one does make. The path we are on is fast destroying what little buying power our money has left. It actually happened in Germany where it took a wheel barrow load of money to buy a loaf of bread. 

There is no mystery on what ails the USA economy, the answer is very simple, the USA economy is totally out of balance, period. All that is necessary to set the USA economy back in balance is to set it free. 

We set it free minus the choking and crippling 1938 minimum wage law, and then the economy will balance and fix itself.  That is if government just stays the hell out of the free market place, and stay with collecting taxes. 

Don’t doubt me, there is no other way to save the USA no matter what the learned economist and egg heads tell you. Nothing in nature can exist without completing some form of rebirth cycle, and the USA is long over due.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

African Americans are bonded to the Democrat party like a mother and child. And any Republican that thank he can break that bond is fooling himself. It is an exercise in futility; it can’t be done by an outsider. 

I’m no scholar on the subject, but I am a great thinker with super natural wisdom. I see mother and child like bonding as a phenomenon in nature. Super strong bonding doesn’t just happen by accident there is a caretaking survival element involved. 

Sure, when born a mother may love her baby because it is hers but the super strong bonding builds from day to day caring for it. In fact a stray animal, plant, or anything that one feeds and provide water will bring about a bond and deep caring for it. 

Two equals tend not to bond. Two dependents tend not to bond. The strongest bonding tends to occur when there is a provider and a dependent. An unselfish provider will always try to wean a dependent to become independent and stand on his own. 

The mother eagle provider break the bond by kicking her young out of the nest thereby forcing them to provide for themselves. African Americans are mentally in the nest of the democrat party and that is where we will stay as along as the welfare state keeps the masses of social programs going. 

As to the republicans, never mind the nation being bankrupted, you are the enemy for being too stingy. However, there is a real problem for the Dems, this thing called “Reality” keep trying to raise its ugly head. The reality is the USA is dead broke and can’t continue footing the bill for mass provider and social spending. 

The liberals are already gutting the military like Western Europe has already done to free up funds. I keep providing the solution but no one wants to hear it because it doesn’t fit our mass economic ignorant thinking. 

I will repeat it for the umpteenth time, repeal the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, now, that will set the USA economy free and it will save us all. Through out history a true genuine free market place has never failed to save a nation by producing jobs and more than enough of everything a nation needs. 

Otherwise, we go down, we are all doomed when this great nation’s economy soon collapses. Don’t doubt me; I can dissect an economy as well as anyone.

Monday, August 25, 2014

I keep harping on this evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law that almost everyone thinks is a good thing. And again I will repeat I am one hundred percent dead sure that repealing this law is the only thing that can save the USA from total doom. 

I am at my wits end, where is our survival instinct as a nation, It’s sheer madness the true state of the USA economy, yet we march on like zombies. Never before in history has a civilization allowed it nuclear family structure, culture, and moral values to be almost totally destroyed like what has happen with western civilization. 

Western civilization has allowed liberal thinking to flim flam its citizens into thinking the welfare state will always be there to take care of everyone from cradle to grave. Yet, liberals hate profit and have never understood profit which is the engine of economic survival. 

Anyone that doesn’t understand the role profit plays in a healthy economy is living in fantasy land and can’t be trusted in my view. So, when I tell you the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law is evil you had better believe it. 

This nation’s sheer survival depends on if and how we get rid of the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, period. Power and economics on an individual basis or as nation goes hand in hand. 

The true evil of the 1938 socialist minimum wage law is it took the real power away from the economy and the people and gave government almost absolute power. When government can demand what a business must pay it workers no matter how small the economy can no longer protect itself or the nation’s inner fabric. 

If not for the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law liberal propaganda could never have wielded the power through big government to destroy our nuclear family system, our culture, and our moral and spiritual values. 

With no minimum wage law the USA economy would have had the disciplining power to fight off inflation and big government reckless spending; now USA currency is inflated out of sight. 

The evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law must go so the USA economy will again be “Free at last, free at last” to save our nation. Otherwise, it is no longer a matter of the USA economy collapsing, it is now a matter of who is going to own us.

Folks, I am just a lonely self-made writer, I writer what I think and believe. Sure, some of my views are far fetched; still even a broken clock is right twice a day, think about it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

As a self-made writer I believe this little flare up in Missouri has national implications. I believe that is why they can’t seem to get a lid on the situation. 

With a live or die election right around the corner I think the whole thing has become totally political. The Dems back’s is against the wall and they are taking no chances. They feel their bread and butter most loyal supporter turnout must not be jeopardized. 

So, they are hoping the situation slowly burns itself out. The last thing the Dems need is to have a mad base this close to November. However, in my view I think the Dems biggest threat not only in this case but in life itself is “Reality.” 

The reality in all of the USA today is, if we as a nation don’t control crime and violence it is going to soon control all of us. Enough said, I rest my case, the jury is still out.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I think the next two national elections will determine the survival of the USA as a free nation. I also think the next two national elections are the republicans to lose. 

The Dems are going to have a big, big problem distancing themselves from their leader which I think they are beginning to do. Everyone knows that the African Americans vote almost always goes ninety percent plus to the Dems. And most African Americans will never vote republican under any circumstance, which I think is a pity. 

To me that show a survival dependency mentality that was born in slavery. It blocks free thinking and keeps one from feeling responsible for ones own survival. It leaves us blacks mentally dependent on the good white man (Dems) instead of ourselves for our survival. 

Before the “New deal” blacks were more free thinking and independent minded, and even owned far more in wealth and property than today. But, some where after the "New deal" the republicans got branded the enemy and the Dems became our lord and savior. Me, I feel blessed and thankful in spite my troubled soul.

Being mentally dependent minded is why we as a race irresponsible mass kill off each other. We call each other the distasteful “N” word and won’t readily support each other in business when there is a choice, in fact we don’t really have a survival need to love and care about each other. 

That is what this welfare state beast has done to us blacks, it has taken away a survival need for us to need, love, and respect each other. Accordingly to the law of “Natural selection,” anything in nature that doesn’t have a survival need, it start ceasing to exist until its gone. 

Sorry folks, I got carried away, sometimes I start analyzing and go on and on. Now, I was saying the African American voters are the Dems most loyal supporters by far. But, I think the Dems may be skating on thin ice if they think they can kick their leader to the curb and African Americans will still turn out in droves. 

Sure, most will never vote republican under any condition, but that don’t mean many won’t be sitting out the next two elections if not careful, here. That is all, just decided to offer some food for though, and I will leave it at that.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A lot of people think the USA has always struggled with socialist and others wanting to change or destroy our system of government, and they are right, but there is a big difference in what happening today. 

The big difference today is our culture, morals, and values are shot all to hell. With a jury in court or voters in an election no one can truly predict how stupid the outcome may turn out. 

before the “New deal” the country went through all kinds of problems and threats but there was never a deadly threat to our culture, morals, and values. Believe it or not, the old saying that no country can afford guns and butter is really true. 

That is why Western Europe has already chosen butter, and the USA is now headed that way at warp speed by gutting our military. The destruction of the inner fabric of the USA started when the government seized the social and family provider role for itself during the “New deal.” 

That was the first dagger stab to our culture, morals, and values. No form of government can survive very long by taking from produces and giving to non produces, in time the load just becomes too great. 

The second deadly and fatal dagger stab to our culture, morals, and values was the enacting of the evil 1938 socialist “Minimum wage” law. 

That was the coup de grace because a true genuine free floating free market place economy not only safeguards and protects itself; it protects a free nations culture, morals, and values, too. 

By enacting an evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law that crippled and took away the economy’s power to discipline itself or the nation. That left the USA with a P. . . . of an economy with no power to discipline itself or fight off inflation. 

That allowed the government to inflate our currency and grow government like never before. Sure, all of this government financial power boomed the economy and made masses of people happy, but, was it really worth the total destruction of the nations culture, morals, and values. I personally don’t think so, but I’m just one lonely neurotic two finger pecking self-made writer. 

I will sum this article up by saying the only thing on earth that has a fighting chance of saving the USA from total destruction is repealing the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. And even then it will only give us a fighting chance to overcome four generations of liberal clap trap.

Anyone that doesn’t think that norms and traditions matter; need to take a look at religions that have mandatory chants or prayers. That is their secret to remaining unchanged over thousands of years. And they won’t ever change or deteriorate as long they keep the same norms and traditions going. Yet, we wonder what happen to the good old USA? Duh!

Wise men/women has always known that how you raise your young is not everything, it is the only thing in terms of long time survival, period.

Get a grip America. How can you expect the young to show self-restraint and act responsible when they have never been conditioned to show restraint and act responsible. Duh.


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Folks, as an extreme and neurotic self-made writer I don’t expect most people to understand my views. To the shallow I may seem negative or maybe even a cold hearted uncaring hater, but nothing could be farther from the truth. 

In fact I believe I am sort of a savior in terms of helping this great nation survive the coming troubled times. My view on all of this great news involving the USA economy: Hog wash, hog wash, and more hog wash. 

I heard a guy on the radio say that the USA government is a parasite and when a parasite grows larger than it's host it kills it's host. I totally agree with the above statement, the USA government haven’t got there yet, but is awful close. Our welfare state beast is fast destroying our job producing free enterprise economic engine. 

Every day the USA government grows larger as our profit driven job producing business host sector dwindles smaller. Never mind what the learned economist and egg heads tell you, I’m telling you it is impossible for the USA economy to overall improve or be saved unless the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law is repealed entirely. 

Man alone can’t save a dying economy, the same as a doctor alone can't save a dying patient, but a true free floating free market place economy can and will save itself along with it's host nation if unshackled and set free. 

Our evil socialist 1938 minimum wage law ties up and restricts our free market place economy to the point where it can’t discipline and save itself. And I’m here to tell you I don’t care how much tweaking and fine tuning they do nothing can save the USA economy unless it is set free of the evil socialist 1938 socialist minimum wage law entirely. 

Good economy news: pure poppy cock, liberals always make things better before an important election, I suspect the cost of fuel will soon be coming down considerably. We all are doomed unless? You know what? We are losing our great USA and it impossible to be saved unless we do what must be done, there is no other way, period.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

The legislative branch makes the law. The judicial branch interprets and enforces the law according to the constitution. The executive branch carries out the law as is as signed under oath, period. 

Now, what the hell should it matter what’s one political view is when it come to the laws. The law means exactly what it says in plain English not some subjective liberal hog wash. 

What goes around comes around, and what’s up today may be down tomorrow. Freedom can’t survive with no respect for the law, period.

The shallow minded liberals over the years has lied and connived to set the USA on a course to sure doom. In their minds the end justifies the means. And they are too shallow and lack the survival instinct to even know the damage they have done. 

Most liberals see no threat or danger in spending and want to increase spending and borrowing to grow government even larger. It is beyond me how anyone can believe you can borrow and spend to no end, but liberals do, I shake my damn head. 

They don’t see a spending problem with this country at all and if allowed to will spend this great country out of existence, and blame it all on the republicans. My God! What a situation. So you can see, expecting liberals to be responsible and safeguard this nation is a lost cause. 

On the other hand, conservatives have an even bigger problem. Conservatives can’t seriously plead the case of, “Ignorance is bliss.” Conservatives has the capacity and depth to see our great country is on a sure path to disaster. 

Conservatives know we are spending ourselves out of existence but face a terrible dilemma on how to stop it. In my view far too many conservatives still want to do the normal right thing of cutting spending and reducing the size of government, wrong. If conservatives do that, they will politically cut their own throats. 

Right now that is the worst thing conservatives can do, simply because the liberals has made almost the whole country government dependent to some degree. So, the smartest thing conservatives can do is hold their fire and bide their time before cutting anything. 

Talking about controlling spending may work, but to talk about cutting spending and government in this dependent minded climate will definitely keep conservatives out of power. 

This writer’s position even if no one else agrees with me is conservatives should make it their goal to repeal the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. But, never attempt that unless there is a very good chance of success. 

Getting rid of the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law is the only chance of saving the USA from total liberal doom. It shouldn’t be planed or talked about just get the power, get in there and do it. 

However, there is a big problem, the conservatives disagrees with my views just as much as the liberals. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The system can only take so much before it breaks and if that happens we all are in trouble, rich, poor and everyone. I think right now if there is mass disorder our welfare state beast is going for an all out power grab. 

The citizen’s still has the vote at the present, but, if chaos takes place we may loose that to never regain it. So, when I fill my destiny and keep sending out the stress call to repeal the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law entirely somebody better listen. 

The only thing that can save the USA and individual freedom is a genuine pure free floating free market place economy, period. And the 1938 socialist minimum wage law is the only thing that is blocking that from happening. 

The minimum wage law must be repealed or found unconstitutional or we won’t survive the coming doom. I promise you I have the supernatural wisdom and survival instinct to know what I’m talking about. 

Nothing and I mean nothing is going to save the USA from a total collapse and doom unless the minimum wage law is gotten rid of one way or another. If you don’t believe me just keep on living, we’ll all soon find out. We all see our system being put to the test; it can only take so much before something snap. 

The thing about a true free float free market place is it doesn’t choose sides and has never failed to produce an over abundance of whatever is needed. Who you know or who is under the desk doesn’t count if you don’t produce.

I don’t care if you are liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, or whatever, if we don’t get this evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law repealed or found unconstitutional we all are going to perish. You disagree, great; we’ll soon see who is right. 

I know the general public will never understand getting rid of the minimum wage law entirely and I understand that, who wouldn’t won’t to make and take home more money, I know I do. That is why the very wise founding father made the USA a republic (If we can keep it). 

But, what’s at stake here is the survival of our country and way of life, and I repeat, there is no way under the sun the USA and individual freedom will survive with the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law still in place, period.
SIRMANS LOG: 16 JULY 2014, 1639 HOURS 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Folks, I seem to be some kind of freak of nature or the victim of some kind of cruel joke. I am blessed with all of this supernatural wisdom, but no one listens. 

I’m jumping up and down, turning flips, screaming and hollering that the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law must be repealed entirely or found unconstitutional if the USA is to survive. 

Its just that simple, our minimum wage law won’t allow for a free floating all powerful free market place economy which would discipline itself and the country, too.

Now, our socialist just like in Western Europe is gutting our military to grow bigger government. The U.S. military is the last uncorrupted great institution left in America, and it can’t be rebuilt overnight. 

In my eyes the future seems so dim. There is no doubt in my great mind, only a true free floating free market place economy can provide the necessary discipline to save the USA. All that is necessary is to get rid of the choking evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, otherwise there is no hope. 

To be earnest, deep down in my soul I don’t think the minimum wage law will ever be repealed. Too few has the wisdom or the survival instinct to see past their noses now-a-days. I break my pen and weep. 

Only the strong survives. The USA is weak in spirit and is the reason we are being invaded. God save the USA.

There is nothing hard or complicated about solving the illegal children invasion problem. The answer is something I have been drum beating on for several years. Maybe there is a divine element about this whole thing. 

After all, more people visit a house of worship here in the USA than anywhere in the industrialized world, maybe we are worth saving. The answer to the problem is very simple; just repeal our evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. 

I know, I know, that don’t make any sense, where is the connection. You can't see a connection, that is because not everyone has supernatural wisdom and can dissect an economy like this writer can. I’m telling you this type of problem can be unsolvable and may bring the USA to its knee. 

You may not agree with the method that I advised, but just remember you have been advised how to solve this problem.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I, great writer Freddie L. Sirmans Sr. rants on, or, is my super natural wisdom the gospel truth on what will save America. What most people fail to understand is that any way of life will be destroyed in 4-5 generations unless the proper norms and traditions are taught to the young. 

During the New deal the government seized the social and family provider role for itself, and from that time since the poor has become totally corrupted. Never in history have the poor murdered unborn babies in the womb, that was always done by the rich and well to do. 

The poor has always needed children for labor and to be taken care of in old age. The poor black man was kicked out of the home and that left no one to teach and enforce norms and traditions in the black family unit. 

That is why we have all of the insane killing in the black community, that is why there is out of control violence and disorder in the African American community. And it ain’t going to get any better until government is out of the social and family provider business, period. Sure, do gooders will talk, talk it to death, but, will never accept a remedy with any teeth in it. 

Since the New deal this whole country is not the same country as before. The mentality is not the same anymore. Gone are the old fashion norms and traditions of depending on ones self. The welfare state has long sent any independent frontier like spirit packing. 

Hell, almost half of the country thinks the government owes them a living. It’s insane, like the USA government can’t ever go broke; where in the hell did stupid thinking like that come from. Not only can the USA and world economy go broke, the USA is already there. The USA is living on borrowed time. 

The USA doesn’t have a pot to piss in. The USA is almost $18,000,000,000,000,000,000 in debt and counting. Due to our welfare state taking away the need for a strong nuclear and extended family system we have nothing to survive on if we can’t borrow anymore, its sheer madness. 

There never has and never will be a society or nation that survived without a dependable nuclear family system in place, period. Ours are in ruins. Our moral and spiritual values also are in ruins. Today’s norm is murdering unborn babies in the womb on demand. And damn the future, just marry the same sex and ignore the fact that there is no future without procreation, who you love is more important than future survival. 

What the hell is my problem, I must be mad or some kind of nut talking all of this normal stuff that was the norm 100 years ago. Your kind is not welcome in the year of our lord two thousand fourteen, go back to the twentieth century. 

If the economy crashed tomorrow we have practically no emergency backup bartering capacity to buy time on. Call me a nut, kook or whatever, but, I know I am right on my grave concerns. I beg and I plead, repeal the evil 1938 socialist Minimum wage law now, it is the USA only hope of survival on what’s headed our way. 

Call me stupid or whatever you like but you ignore my concerns at your own risk. Sometimes, I wonder, Is Washington an imaginary metropolis with a lot of kids behind the wheel.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

When the USA is 17,000,000,000,000,000,000 in debt and going a trillion or more deeper each year, you are not going to convince me we have a great future or even a future at all. The USA is almost totally at the mercy of its lenders. 

If nothing else, at least repealing the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law would give us a genuine true free market place economy and that would assure our survival under all conditions. 

Wake up America and get a tight grip on reality because this nation is fixing to have a very, very rude awakening. Liberalism, liberalism, liberalism, I shake my head.

These illegal immigrant people think they are coming to the USA promise land, so, what went wrong, who are to blame. As a writer, I don’t know, but, I suspect the hidden hand is the Dems and liberalism.

Love, caring, and having a sense of compassion are good things and is the spice of life. Life would hardly be worth living without these things. However, these predominate feminine emotions make some problems practically unsolvable. 

Most of us know what it is like dealing with a wayward family member. Being an enabler almost never helps. When everything else fails most families just let nature take it course. The same applies to the USA as a nation. 

If the minimum wage law was repealed a true free market place economy would kick in and solve the immigration problem, our jobless problem, our social problems, and on and on. 

In the end this immigration thing will boil down to a test of the USA character and survivability, will we pass the test? Not unless the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law is repealed entirely. 

I hope I’m wrong. Almost no one agrees with me on this, still, I stand by my prediction. This whole thing is bigger than Immigration alone, it will determine if the USA survives with individual freedom still intact. 

Two primary things have allowed the shallow minded liberals to strike at the heart of our system of government and unless that is corrected there is no way possible for the USA to survive as a free nation. 

Number one, by enacting the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law it gave the USA a p . . . . of an economy with no power to discipline itself. Number two, by government seizing the social and family provider role for itself and not enforcing any rules or conditions, that left no one enforcing discipline and passing on norms and traditions for future generations. 

A society can’t just start over from scratch with each generation and expect to survive very long. The USA is falling apart from lack of sound judgment and character with fewer and fewer people with any common sense. 

For example, the law. You don’t obey the law because you like it, you obey the law because it is the law. The law is the only thing that protects us all, and especially the poor and powerless. The news media ought to be up in arms with the way the law is flaunted in our faces in high places. 

It is impossible for this great nation to remain a free people with no respect for the law like what is happening in the USA today. I rest my case, the jury is still out, we’ll see.

No one is above the law doesn’t seem to apply anymore in the USA. The bill of rights and individual freedom is something almost unheard of in history before the USA came along, and I use to wonder why. 

Now, after seeing what liberalism has done to the USA I understand why freedom is so hard to acquire and hang on to? I just chalk it up as nature knows best. Everything about nature and survival is geared toward struggle. 

It is so easy and tempting to just take the course of least resistance and jump on the liberal pie in the sky band wagon. But, I have sense enough to know that no nation can survive without a strong nuclear and extended family system, strong moral and spiritual values, and adequate emergency bartering capacity. 

For 6,000 years until the liberal’s new deal, governments had the sense to leave the social and family provider role in the hands of the nuclear family unit. Instead during the new deal the USA government removed the need for a strong nuclear and extended family system by seizing that power for itself. 

Now, when this whole global economy comes crashing down there is no foundation left to prevent the USA from regressing all the way back to the Stone Age. To me this is common sense thinking, what’s wrong with me for wanting to help save my country and survive, shame on me.

Government forcing a evil 1938 socialist minimum wage or price control on a private profit driven business is unconstitutional, period. Of course every worker would be a fool if he/she didn’t want to take home more money. 

But, force destroys a genuine true free market place economy and results in what’s happening in the USA today with no jobs and galloping out of control cost of living. And the really sad part is it’s only the tip of the iceberg before total collapse and doom.
SIRMANS LOG: 03 JULY 2014, 1908 HOURS 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Folks, over the years in my writing I have said very little on immigration, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever written an entire article on immigration. 

My views on immigration still hold that immigration is a symptom not a cause. And in my view treating symptoms is basically a waste of time and energy. I hear all kinds of conspiracy theories and other stuff on how all of these very young illegal children are flooding into the country and on and on. 

But, the way I see it, the cause can be traced directly to liberalism and our welfare state. The survival of our whole system of government was never under threat before 1938 with the enacting of the evil socialist “Minimum wage law,” which leads to what I have been Hammering and pounding to no end. 

The USA is doomed, the shallow minded liberals has just about succeeded in destroying this great free nation. I love liberals, they are good Americans, it’s just that they are too shallow to be trusted with total power. 

Many has written me off and dismissed me as that kook or nut that wants to repeal and get rid of the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law entirely. So be it, I will go to my grave knowing that I’m right on this. 

I have supernatural wisdom and can dissect an economy as well as anyone. And I’m telling you the USA cannot be saved unless the socialist minimum wage law is repealed. 

My beloved homeland the USA has already started unraveling before our eyes and there is no power on earth that can get us through this as one nation except a true free market place economy. But, it is impossible to have a true free market place economy with a socialist “Minimum wage law” in place. 

The minimum wage law must be repealed now, tomorrow may be too late. Once the evil 1938 socialist socialist minimum wage law is repealed the immigration problem will solve itself. With no minimum wage law the over powering suction and attraction that beckons immigrants will no longer exist. 

I don’t have any proof, but I’m going to go out on a limb and make a bold prediction. I predict soon some nations around the world are going to get rid of any evil socialist minimum wage law entirely and allow a true free market place economy to sink or swim on its own. We’ll see. 

In my humble opinion there is no such thing as guaranteed lasting wealth anymore; to me it’s all a fantasy with no physical connection to reality. Wealth is supposed to represent spent energy and show a direct link to spent energy. 

Whoosh,  wealth here today but could be gone tomorrow, rich or poor, no one is an exception. If you think this welfare state beast won't seize all bank account to pay it's bills, just keep on living.

Ninety five percent of the population in the USA is living in fantasy land. They have no real concept of private enterprise profit and how it is the life blood of government and our entire survival. I can only express my one man opinion of the sad state of my beloved USA homeland. 

I am old enough to remember when the news media and the government placed the law above all else in this great nation. Now, in my view the liberal news media itself is a threat to the survival of our great nation. I believe they are so partisan that the law means very little to them anymore. Why should anyone have total faith in the law anymore when those in high places place politics and outcome above the law? 

Again, only strong discipline can save the great USA now. And only repealing the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law will unshackle our phony P . . . . of a free market place economy, then as a reborn genuine true free market place economy it will start kicking ass and taking names and save this great country from total doom. 

All of these people crowding into the USA illegally thinking they are going to have a great future may actually be coming aboard a sinking ship in my view. I’m one that is not one hundred percent for sure that the USA is going to survive as one nation unless some drastic changes are made and soon. 

I’m just being honest, Unless the evil 1938 socialist “Minimum wage” law is repealed and gotten rid of entirely I can’t see a snowball chance in hell of the USA surviving another five years as one free nation. Hell, I hope and pray that I’m wrong on this. 

I understand and can dissect an economy as well as anyone. And I’m telling you the liberal’s death grip hold on this country is just too great. And the only power on earth that can break that grip and save the USA is a genuine true free market place economy. 

But I repeat, there is a catch, it is impossible to have a true pure free market place economy with a “Minimum wage” law in place. Either the USA repeals the evil socialist 1938 “Minimum wage” law or the USA die. It’s just that simple, my intention is not to scare anyone, but that is just the way I see it, sorry. We’ll soon see one way or another. 

Plus, I got news for conservatives and republicans, cutting spending or government will only get you quickly booted out of office, period. With no warning just do it, just repeal the evil 1938 socialist “Minimum wage” law entirely, and then be still. 

A genuine true free market place economy will fight your battle and save this last bastion of true individual freedom left in the world today. It won’t be pretty but the USA will survive as one unified free nation. 

Otherwise, very soon with no official nation language we might as well kiss a free nation with individual freedom goodbye for another 10,000 years or maybe never to return. 

I think the liberals if not provoking something to bring about martial law will gladly seize the least opportunity if it presents itself. The hand writing is on the wall that is why they fear and hate the tea party so much. 

Boy, the liberals would shut down free speech in a New York minute if they had martial law. With all of the lying and conniving going on in high places the liberal media knows that laws are being broken, but, in their minds it’s them against us and to hell with placing the law and country first. 

That is why I know the only thing that can save the USA at this late stage is to repeal the 1938 minimum wage law that would bring about a true free market place economy. Only the accountability, responsibility, and discipline that come with a genuine true free market place economy can save the USA from total doom, this I swear. 

The other day I seen in the news that the Brooklyn Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge and most of our great bridges and infrastructures were built before the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law was enacted.  Just the facts ma’am, just the facts. So, don't tell me repealing the minimum wage law won't provide jobs, jobs, jobs galore and save this great country.

Look like Benjamin Franklin was right, we had a republic but liberalism won’t let us keep it.

The struggle to survive: Man and nature has evolved over time and I’m one that believes that if you take the struggle out of survival man will destroy himself. 

I think balance in all things assures the best chance of survival. Even love that is not balanced with discipline can be a very dangerous thing, many mothers have cried themselves to sleep at night and even lost a child for that sort of thing. Look at nature itself, with its law of survival of the strongest and the fittest, it shows no mercy, you eat or get eaten. 

I believe all human emotions evolved to aid human survival in some way. I think one of the most important things in human survival is the nuclear and extended family system. And the number one reason is it provides the safest and most stable environment to teach the young norms and traditions. Otherwise, each generation will veer off down dangerous and uncharted territory. 

Norms and traditions are what maintains order and keeps a society civilized. The “New deal” programs seized the provider role and took it away from the poor traditionally male head of household, but government never instilled norms and traditions in the young like before. 

To me that is like a crime against survival.  And we wonder why the nation is falling apart. With no norms and traditions being instilled in the young all of the knowledge and experienced passed down from generations was lost when government became a social and family provider. 

The USA is now faced with a situation that no amount of knowledge and education can prevent total chaos; only raw nature can save us now. Look at the children invasion situation, it is unsolvable, we are a caring and compassionate nation. 

However, Like nature itself according to its laws the weak and faint hearted has the least chance of survival. I apply the same to the USA when the law itself is flaunted and no longer supreme and above all else. In my view we are done as a free people unless the evil socialist 1938 minimum wage law is repealed to restore some sanity and discipline. 

In a way it is a blessing in disguised, now, just maybe, the USA will do what must be done if it is to survive. Only one thing can save the USA, “A raw genuine true free market place economy” And all that is necessary to get us there is to repeal the evil 1938 socialist “Minimum wage” law now, tomorrow may be too late. 


Saturday, June 7, 2014

The term: “Conception is reality” seem to be more wide spread than anytime in history. On TV they were saying a lady rode to an election victory because of her Ad about her castrating boar hogs. 

Wow! As a soon to be 72 year old, that took me all the way back to the late 1940’s and early 1950’s as a 9 or 10 year old living on a farm in Stockton, Georgia. Today very few young people know how our meats are raised and slaughtered. 

Except for the very few our meat comes from the grocery store and that’s as far as they ever knows. My family left the farm when I was 14 years old and to this day I don’t know the whole story on why they castrate boar hogs before slaughter. 

I think it’s done to make the meat more tender with a less strong flavor, but, big deal, I’m not about to spend time researching it. Anyway! I would sit and watch as my dad and two or three other men would hold down a big boar hog and castrate him. 

I don’t know but I’m sure the big factory like farms of today have racks for that sort of thing. But, back then they had to manually hold down the big boar hogs which was no easy task. 

Holding the hind legs of a big boar hog can be like holding two powerful jack hammer pistons, and a man can get seriously injury if not careful. Once they would get the boar stable one man would use a sharp knife and make a slit, then squeeze the mountain oyster out and cut the connecting cord, done. 

Back then it was before the blow fly was eradicated. I can’t remember the name of the medicine they used, all I remember is they mixed it with used motor oil. They had on hand a bucket of this medicine and motor oil mixture and used a stick with a rag wrapped around the end to apply this mixture to the wound. 

Back then before the blow fly was eradicated screw worms would quickly get into a wound and do disaster like damage. So, the screw worm medicine was a must and was applied until the wound healed. 

City dwellers may not know what the hell is going on here, but, you can bet your bottom dollar that there is a lot of people in this great country that still cherish old norms and traditions, including me. Glory be to God.

Anyone that doesn’t think that norms and traditions matter; need to take a look at religions that have mandatory chants or prayers. That is their secret to remaining unchanged for over thousands of years. And they won’t ever change or deteriorate as long they keep the same norms and traditions alive. Yet, we wonder what happen to the good old USA? Duh!

Wise men/women has always known that how you raise your young is not everything, it is the only thing in terms of long time survival, period.

Get a grip America. How can you expect the young to show self-restraint and act responsible when they have never been conditioned to show restraint and act responsible. Duh.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

When you see all of the ado and outcry of things taking place in the USA today, there is one common thread going through it all, liberalism. And the saddest part of all about the situation is nothing is going to change. 

Sure, the “Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare) by law was enacted to be in almost full affect by now, but the Dems have it in “Fool the suckers” mode until after the November election. 

The Dems are hoping they can hold on to their majority in the U.S. Senate because if they do we the citizens are going to get all of Obamacare then, and dry too. And all of the terrible misery and hardship ain’t going to be pretty. So, if you give someone a stick, why complain when he use it on you, people.

I hear cocky people on the TV all pumped up on believing there is going to be some big republican gain or sweep in November, yet, I’m one not totally convinced. As a self-made writer, I have pounded and pounded to no end that nothing is going to stop this liberal train to doomsday except repealing the “Minimum wage law.” 

I didn’t just crawl out of the wood works to say something stupid. I know without a doubt what the hell I’m talking about; I can dissect an economy as well as anyone. Repealing the minimum wage law will unshackle and set the free market place free to work its magic. 

There is nothing else on earth that can save the USA at this late stage; this swamp is just too infested with anti-survival negative liberalism, period. Excess business profit comes only from the private sector and is what provides practically all of the funds for the USA government to survive on. 

But, due to taxes, government mandates, and government regulations fewer and fewer businesses are generating profit for government to tax. The cold steel rock hard fact is American businesses don’t generate enough excess profit to support our welfare state. 

Yet, Washington keeps spending and borrowing by the trillions like the USA has money to burn. Now, you are going to convince me the USA has a bright future, #@%$&*#&, I love you too. Repealing the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law will in a harmless way slowly bleed off the pressure and stop all of this madness by snuffing out inflation and providing jobs for all. 

Sure, it will slowly deflate the economy and no one will earn as much money but everything you buy will drop down to where one can pay their own food and doctor bills out of pocket. But, no one hears my great supernatural wisdom to repeal the minimum wage law, I weep for the only home I know, God save my beloved homeland. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

I, Freddie L sirmans, Sr. as a writer with great creative thinking ability and almost supernatural wisdom decided to make my suggestion on this VA thing. The VA is socialized medicine which has built in limitations. Still, with strong discipline, responsibility, and accountability the system could be ten times better than it is. 

Now, about the economy, I feel I understand and can dissect an economy as well as anyone. So, I’m going to give a brief lecture on how an economy works as I understand it. In my view consumer inflation is something bad and dangerous, sort of like riding a tiger; the problem is staying alive when getting off. 

Maybe that is why modern day economist doesn’t want inflation to end. No matter what one may think an economy is made up of only two players, a seller and a buyer. Sure, it may look modern and complicated but over all an economy is very simple. 

Long before a currency was invented the early economies were based on people trading and bartering with each other. But, you can’t trade or barter unless you have what someone else wants. If you had a lot of potatoes and no one wanted any then you were stuck. So, as you can see some type of a currency was needed to trade for whatever one wanted. 

However, with a currency also came profit, which was a God send to the growth of government. Government was now able to take directly it's cut of profit in the form of taxes or take possessions and auction them off for the profit. 

Profit is generated when a seller sells a product or service for a fee more than the cost in labor to produce the product or service. And the difference between the two is called profit. When a seller continues to sell products and services for a profit he is now a proprietor and operating what is called a business. 

A business is only a medium of exchange to generate a profit, if a business fails to generate a profit it cannot exist and must close.  Government itself is not part of the economy but what it does greatly influences the economy. 

In a society or nation government is a must to provide internal and external protection and to do the things the people can’t do for themselves. But, one thing government should never do is become a social and family provider. That is like a nation feeding on itself. 

Once government becomes a social and family provider it is only a matter of time before its demand for more and more taxes become endless. Government becomes like a junkie on the streets for a tax fix until it destroys the very source of its own survival, which is the profit generated by businesses. Are we there yet? Nope, but we are getting awful close.

To finance government being a social and family provider that money must come from a private business directly, or from the wages and possessions of it's employees. But remember, a business doesn’t pay taxes, people pay taxes. A business is just a medium of exchange to generate a profit. 

The working people and those who pay taxes is who pays for our welfare state. And the load has become too heavy, only our massive debt load is keeping us fed. And who knows when the bottom will drop out of that and doom us all.

In the early days of business a big problem was finding the capital to grow and expand. That problem was solved when someone came up with the idea of dividing a business into shares and selling the shares as stock. And then along comes compound interest and economics took on a life of its own. 

Sure, all of this other stuff changes things, but in my view it still boils down to just two players, a seller and a buyer.

Again, I repeat, there is nothing on earth that can save the USA as a dying nation except a genuine true free market place economy. But, it is impossible to have a true free market place economy with a “Minimum wage law” in place. 

For the shallow minded the “Minimum wage law” is all about wages and a paycheck or how much one is getting paid. If the minimum wage law was repealed tomorrow I doubt there would be much sudden change in what people get paid. 

There is no "Maximum wage law" on what an employer can pay for labor. To get better workers you got to pay better wages. It still holds true, you get what you pay for. My focus on the "Evil 1938 socialist Minimum wage law" is the mechanics of what it does to the discipline of a free market place economy at work. 

Any forced wage or price control no matter how small kills the discipline in a free market place economy. All of the great production power and abundance of everything in a free market place economy is all due to its discipline. You get paid what you are worth to the business, not what the government says you are worth. 

When the evil minimum wage law was enacted in 1938 it took the discipline out of the USA economy and our whole society has been slowly falling apart ever since. And only repealing the minimum wage law will give the USA a fighting chance of surviving the destruction of our nuclear and extended family system, our moral and spiritual values, and lack of any emergency backup bartering capacity. 

What is called a free market place economy here in the USA today is actually a phony p….  of a true free market place economy. The USA economy of today lacks any true discipline to purge out gross inefficiency and moral decay. Discipline is what gives purpose to life. 

No economic discipline is why the USA and western civilization has same sex marriages and mass murder in the womb, ISMDH (I shake my damn head). Today life is ass backward, and I assure you, this nation is gonna pay dearly. Stone Age here we come.

There is no lasting success, enjoyment, or anything in life without discipline. I beg and I plead to you, bring back the discipline the USA economy once had. Repeal the evil 1938 discipline snatching law that forced this socialist “Minimum wage law” on needy vulnerable victims. 

“Forcing” anything in a free market economy is socialist no matter what good is intended because force destroys the inherited power and discipline in a free market economy. 

A “Minimum wage law” is purely a disguised socialist tool parading as something good, and surely, it fools all but the very wise. The truth of the matter is if it’s so good, why force it on the people; make the “Minimum wage law” voluntarily. 

Now, to shift gears, Global warming and Climate change are just liberal Hoaxes to try and take attention away from their nation destroying policies. Besides, the USA acting alone couldn’t make a difference even it did matter. 

The fact is “Matter” cannot be created or destroyed anyway, meaning the earth is design to constant change and adapt. Spending even one second on climate change in my view is a waste of time.

SIRMANS LOG: 30 MAY 2014, 2014 HOURS