Wednesday, March 16, 2016

90 percent of losing weight is mental in my view:
Freddie L Sirmans weight losing helpful hint using the “Positive thinking” technique. 

The definition of the positive thinking technique I’m talking about is: One takes a short saying or quote and repeats it over and over to ones self a minimum of fifty times or more every day. 

It may take up to six months or more to start feeling strong results. This is the quote I use: “I MUST KEEP MY BODY SLIM AND HEALTHY" through God who strengthens me. Just leave God off or substitute another deity if one doesn’t believe in God. 

Lets face it folks, some of us like me are compulsive over eaters; I have suffered with this disorder ever since I was a child. 

Some of us just simply can’t do it alone that is why turning to God by saying through God, which strengthens me, is all-powerful. 

However, it doesn’t work over night, it takes a while to break through to the subconscious. But, if one stays the course long enough positive results will be realized.