Wednesday, March 16, 2016

90 percent of losing weight is mental in my view:
Freddie L Sirmans weight losing helpful hint using the “Positive thinking” technique. 

The definition of the positive thinking technique I’m talking about is: One takes a short saying or quote and repeats it over and over to ones self a minimum of fifty times or more every day. 

It may take up to six months or more to start feeling strong results. This is the quote I use: “I MUST KEEP MY BODY SLIM AND HEALTHY" through God who strengthens me. Just leave God off or substitute another deity if one doesn’t believe in God. 

Lets face it folks, some of us like me are compulsive over eaters; I have suffered with this disorder ever since I was a child. 

Some of us just simply can’t do it alone that is why turning to God by saying through God, which strengthens me, is all-powerful. 

However, it doesn’t work over night, it takes a while to break through to the subconscious. But, if one stays the course long enough positive results will be realized.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014



One thing that gives me an advantage over most people is the ability to penetrate through fog and bore to the core of an issue. A lot of people think some kind of tax fix is the answer to the nation’s problems. And there are others that think some kind of convention of the states is the answer. 

But, I’m here to tell you nothing is going to save the USA and western civilization unless the core root problem is dealt with. And through all of the fog and side issues I see it all alone standing there the core and root problem itself. The core and root cause for the coming doom and destruction of the USA and western civilization is: “Government in the role of social and family provider.” 

Now government is personally responsible for millions upon millions of mouths to feed. And with its power to tax and spend nothing is going to stop it from caring for it’s dependents in that role, period. Never in 6,000 years of written history on a mass scale has a government taken on such a permanent burden before the “New deal” came along. 

Even in socialist and communist countries there are make work jobs. And until the USA government surrenders the provider role back to the private sector nuclear and extended family system this nation cannot and will not be saved from total doom. However, the big problem is acquiring the vehicle to get us back to depending on the bread and butter nuclear family system before our USA government crashes and burns. 

The only vehicle on earth with the power to get the USA back on track is the all mighty all powerful free market place. However, with the USA there is problem, the USA has a P . . . . of an economy. 

No problem that can be fixed, the USA economy is just hog tied and has no power to discipline itself due to the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. And that can easily be remedies by repealing the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, then a free untied all powerful free market place economy will take it from there and save this great nation. 

Even on an individual basis a head of household provider is going to do everything within his/her power to feed and care for his/her dependents. There have been many cases where a family provider would beg, borrow, and steal to feed its dependents. So, it only stands to reason with government’s power to tax and spend nothing is going to stop it from taxing production and producers to death to feed its dependents.  

The only way to deal with government as a family provider is to get it out of that role, period.

The private sector nuclear and extended family system is the only thing that can carry the social and family provider load over the long haul, period. Through shallow minded ignorance the liberals put this load and burden on a permanent basis on the USA government and it has been there ever since the “New deal.” 

Now, it has simply become too heavy for the USA government to carry it any longer, which is going to make it impossible for the USA economy to survive. There is simply no doubt in my mind the USA economy is going to soon crash, and our only hope is to repeal the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law before it is too late. 

If that is done in time that will transfer the load and burden back where it has always been for over 6,000 years with the private sector. And that will free up government to collect taxes, protect the interior, fight wars, etc.. That is the only thing that is going to save our USA P . . . . of an economy from a total collapse and soon. 
We have no other choice if the great USA is to survive, period. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

As a rule I stay away from commenting on hot button emotional issues, but to me it seems to be something sinister going on with this Ray Rice case and I decided to weigh in. Like it says in the good book let who is without sin throw the first stone seems to be totally forgotten. 

No decent self-respecting human being is going to condone a vastly more powerful man knocking a woman out for any reason, period. However, we all are human and to err in itself is human. 

If provoked enough we all have a snapping point, then you couple that with possibly two intoxicated individuals, who is to say who is victimized, here, reality is reality. Sure, punishment is due, but to take a man’s lively hood away and totally destroy him for bad judgment and possibly too much to drink is overkill in my view. 

People tend to live on a standard equal to their income and he probably owes a lot of people a lot of money. It is hard enough now for a woman to get a man to make a commitment, and crucifying punishment like this means passive type women are in and aggressive independent type women are out, reality is reality. 

What concerns me about the whole thing is this liberal created political correctness hog wash. If this political correctness nonsense continues we will end up with a P . . . . of a nation just like we already have a P . . . . of an economy. 

I will stop here, I have already said too much, I hope I don’t end up begging on the streets due to the  political correctness mob like what they may do to Ray Rice.

These shallow minded liberals don’t understand profit, individual freedom, or anything, they think survival is a pie train, almost everything in this great nation is upside down, God help us.

ADD ON: SEPT. 14, 2014

All of this ado and emotional hype about this case is not from football fans and the general public in my view. I think it is extreme liberalism gone amok. I see this as an individual case that has been turned into a mountain out of a mole hill. But, extreme liberalism want to turn it into some kind of domestic violence movement. 

Culture-wise we are past the point of no return when one can’t spank or discipline one’s child anymore, that in itself is a threat to law enforcement everywhere, but liberals are too shallow to see that. 

When undisciplined youngster that have never been conditioned to act with restraint when dealing with frustration reach adulthood only law enforcement stands between them and an orderly safe environment. 

A child’s basic personality is shaped by the age of six and many a first grade school teachers can point out even at that age the ones that will most likely end up in prison. That is our welfare state and liberalism in action.

Spare the rod you spoil the child is as valid today as it was 2000 years ago. Liberalism has destroyed this great nation and I’m just one lone neurotic mentally handicapped cripple trying to make a stand. 

I don’t expect most people to agree with me, but think God we live in a country where I won’t disappear  in the middle of the night. Praise be to God.  CONTINUE >>>>>

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I consider myself to be conservative, but even more so a realist. In terms of gaining and keeping power I think the establishment republican party is taking the right course. 

However, I also think the conservatives and tea party is right on what is best for the long term survival of our nation, but their policies will guarantee that the Dems stay in power and they never get power. The Dems created our welfare state and with them in power the good old USA will never get control of suicide spending. 

With the establishment republicans in power the suicide spending train to hell will be slowed down considerately but not enough to avoid eventually reaching doom. My heart and soul is with the conservatives and tea party because they know this country’s survival is at stake, but they are eighty years too late to make a do or die stand. 

Conservatives allowed the liberals to enact two “New deal” programs that this great nation will never recovery from unless they are eliminated and soon. The first program was government seizing and taking on the role of social and family provider. That means government starts feeding on itself and taxing production until there is nothing left to tax. Duh? 

The second program was enacting the cruel evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. The cruel and evilness of this law means the death of a true free market economy, that is why I drumbeat so hard on ridding this nation of this monster. 

This law alone is what allowed the shallow brained liberals to cripple the USA economy to the point it don't have the power to fight off inflation, which lead to the destruction of our culture, morals, and values. A true free market economy without a choking minimum wage law would never allow hoards of foreign invaders to flood into this great country. 

That is because the demand wouldn’t be there. Those now on welfare would have all of those jobs the invaders are seeking. And there wouldn't be any welfare for anyone to free load on, an unshackled free USA economy would never tolerate it. Sure, we have a welfare state today but I guarantee you we won't have one very much longer. Yet, we march on deeper into fantasy land.

Otherwise, the strong nuclear and extended family system, churches, and social organizations would be strong enough to meet social needs like through out history. And temporary government help would only be a last resort. Now, when this welfare state soon totally collapses the USA and western civilization may fall all the way back to the Stone Age. Wake up America, I’m for real, this is no joking matter.

The liberals from both political parties created this entitlement gimmy, gimmy populace as huge as ninety percent to some degree. So, lets face it, most of these masses of government dependents will never bite the hand that feeds them. 

Sure, in some cases hardcore conservatives and tea party members are going to get elected, but to become a majority party in power ain’t going to happen. I will sum it up by saying anyone that have read my work know I offer a solution. And I know it will take a miracle for my solution to happen. 

I don’t know how the almighty is going to make it happen but I believe some way some how it will happen, it must. The evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law must be repealed it is the only solution. 

Repealing the minimum wage law will set free the might USA economy that is still shackled and tired up from the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. No other force on this earth has the power to save the USA from total doom. 

A free genuine true free market place economy has never failed to save a dying nation. Don’t doubt me; my destiny is to keep sounding the distress call for survival.

Unlike authoritarian type governments, free countries with private property rights must rely on the free market place to maintain discipline and protect its culture, morals, and values. That is because people have the right to be stupid or anyway they want to be. 

Right now 95 percent of the American people believe a higher minimum wage and making more money will solve their problems. That is like treating ones big toe thinking it will solve a heart problem. 

The fact is its not how much money one makes that matters, it is far more important how much can be bought with the money one does make. The path we are on is fast destroying what little buying power our money has left. It actually happened in Germany where it took a wheel barrow load of money to buy a loaf of bread. 

There is no mystery on what ails the USA economy, the answer is very simple, the USA economy is totally out of balance, period. All that is necessary to set the USA economy back in balance is to set it free. 

We set it free minus the choking and crippling 1938 minimum wage law, and then the economy will balance and fix itself.  That is if government just stays the hell out of the free market place, and stay with collecting taxes. 

Don’t doubt me, there is no other way to save the USA no matter what the learned economist and egg heads tell you. Nothing in nature can exist without completing some form of rebirth cycle, and the USA is long over due.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

African Americans are bonded to the Democrat party like a mother and child. And any Republican that thank he can break that bond is fooling himself. It is an exercise in futility; it can’t be done by an outsider. 

I’m no scholar on the subject, but I am a great thinker with super natural wisdom. I see mother and child like bonding as a phenomenon in nature. Super strong bonding doesn’t just happen by accident there is a caretaking survival element involved. 

Sure, when born a mother may love her baby because it is hers but the super strong bonding builds from day to day caring for it. In fact a stray animal, plant, or anything that one feeds and provide water will bring about a bond and deep caring for it. 

Two equals tend not to bond. Two dependents tend not to bond. The strongest bonding tends to occur when there is a provider and a dependent. An unselfish provider will always try to wean a dependent to become independent and stand on his own. 

The mother eagle provider break the bond by kicking her young out of the nest thereby forcing them to provide for themselves. African Americans are mentally in the nest of the democrat party and that is where we will stay as along as the welfare state keeps the masses of social programs going. 

As to the republicans, never mind the nation being bankrupted, you are the enemy for being too stingy. However, there is a real problem for the Dems, this thing called “Reality” keep trying to raise its ugly head. The reality is the USA is dead broke and can’t continue footing the bill for mass provider and social spending. 

The liberals are already gutting the military like Western Europe has already done to free up funds. I keep providing the solution but no one wants to hear it because it doesn’t fit our mass economic ignorant thinking. 

I will repeat it for the umpteenth time, repeal the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, now, that will set the USA economy free and it will save us all. Through out history a true genuine free market place has never failed to save a nation by producing jobs and more than enough of everything a nation needs. 

Otherwise, we go down, we are all doomed when this great nation’s economy soon collapses. Don’t doubt me; I can dissect an economy as well as anyone.

Monday, August 25, 2014

I keep harping on this evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law that almost everyone thinks is a good thing. And again I will repeat I am one hundred percent dead sure that repealing this law is the only thing that can save the USA from total doom. 

I am at my wits end, where is our survival instinct as a nation, It’s sheer madness the true state of the USA economy, yet we march on like zombies. Never before in history has a civilization allowed it nuclear family structure, culture, and moral values to be almost totally destroyed like what has happen with western civilization. 

Western civilization has allowed liberal thinking to flim flam its citizens into thinking the welfare state will always be there to take care of everyone from cradle to grave. Yet, liberals hate profit and have never understood profit which is the engine of economic survival. 

Anyone that doesn’t understand the role profit plays in a healthy economy is living in fantasy land and can’t be trusted in my view. So, when I tell you the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law is evil you had better believe it. 

This nation’s sheer survival depends on if and how we get rid of the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, period. Power and economics on an individual basis or as nation goes hand in hand. 

The true evil of the 1938 socialist minimum wage law is it took the real power away from the economy and the people and gave government almost absolute power. When government can demand what a business must pay it workers no matter how small the economy can no longer protect itself or the nation’s inner fabric. 

If not for the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law liberal propaganda could never have wielded the power through big government to destroy our nuclear family system, our culture, and our moral and spiritual values. 

With no minimum wage law the USA economy would have had the disciplining power to fight off inflation and big government reckless spending; now USA currency is inflated out of sight. 

The evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law must go so the USA economy will again be “Free at last, free at last” to save our nation. Otherwise, it is no longer a matter of the USA economy collapsing, it is now a matter of who is going to own us.

Folks, I am just a lonely self-made writer, I writer what I think and believe. Sure, some of my views are far fetched; still even a broken clock is right twice a day, think about it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

As a self-made writer I believe this little flare up in Missouri has national implications. I believe that is why they can’t seem to get a lid on the situation. 

With a live or die election right around the corner I think the whole thing has become totally political. The Dems back’s is against the wall and they are taking no chances. They feel their bread and butter most loyal supporter turnout must not be jeopardized. 

So, they are hoping the situation slowly burns itself out. The last thing the Dems need is to have a mad base this close to November. However, in my view I think the Dems biggest threat not only in this case but in life itself is “Reality.” 

The reality in all of the USA today is, if we as a nation don’t control crime and violence it is going to soon control all of us. Enough said, I rest my case, the jury is still out.