Thursday, June 5, 2014

When you see all of the ado and outcry of things taking place in the USA today, there is one common thread going through it all, liberalism. And the saddest part of all about the situation is nothing is going to change. 

Sure, the “Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare) by law was enacted to be in almost full affect by now, but the Dems have it in “Fool the suckers” mode until after the November election. 

The Dems are hoping they can hold on to their majority in the U.S. Senate because if they do we the citizens are going to get all of Obamacare then, and dry too. And all of the terrible misery and hardship ain’t going to be pretty. So, if you give someone a stick, why complain when he use it on you, people.

I hear cocky people on the TV all pumped up on believing there is going to be some big republican gain or sweep in November, yet, I’m one not totally convinced. As a self-made writer, I have pounded and pounded to no end that nothing is going to stop this liberal train to doomsday except repealing the “Minimum wage law.” 

I didn’t just crawl out of the wood works to say something stupid. I know without a doubt what the hell I’m talking about; I can dissect an economy as well as anyone. Repealing the minimum wage law will unshackle and set the free market place free to work its magic. 

There is nothing else on earth that can save the USA at this late stage; this swamp is just too infested with anti-survival negative liberalism, period. Excess business profit comes only from the private sector and is what provides practically all of the funds for the USA government to survive on. 

But, due to taxes, government mandates, and government regulations fewer and fewer businesses are generating profit for government to tax. The cold steel rock hard fact is American businesses don’t generate enough excess profit to support our welfare state. 

Yet, Washington keeps spending and borrowing by the trillions like the USA has money to burn. Now, you are going to convince me the USA has a bright future, #@%$&*#&, I love you too. Repealing the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law will in a harmless way slowly bleed off the pressure and stop all of this madness by snuffing out inflation and providing jobs for all. 

Sure, it will slowly deflate the economy and no one will earn as much money but everything you buy will drop down to where one can pay their own food and doctor bills out of pocket. But, no one hears my great supernatural wisdom to repeal the minimum wage law, I weep for the only home I know, God save my beloved homeland. 

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