Friday, September 12, 2014

As a rule I stay away from commenting on hot button emotional issues, but to me it seems to be something sinister going on with this Ray Rice case and I decided to weigh in. Like it says in the good book let who is without sin throw the first stone seems to be totally forgotten. 

No decent self-respecting human being is going to condone a vastly more powerful man knocking a woman out for any reason, period. However, we all are human and to err in itself is human. 

If provoked enough we all have a snapping point, then you couple that with possibly two intoxicated individuals, who is to say who is victimized, here, reality is reality. Sure, punishment is due, but to take a man’s lively hood away and totally destroy him for bad judgment and possibly too much to drink is overkill in my view. 

People tend to live on a standard equal to their income and he probably owes a lot of people a lot of money. It is hard enough now for a woman to get a man to make a commitment, and crucifying punishment like this means passive type women are in and aggressive independent type women are out, reality is reality. 

What concerns me about the whole thing is this liberal created political correctness hog wash. If this political correctness nonsense continues we will end up with a P . . . . of a nation just like we already have a P . . . . of an economy. 

I will stop here, I have already said too much, I hope I don’t end up begging on the streets due to the  political correctness mob like what they may do to Ray Rice.

These shallow minded liberals don’t understand profit, individual freedom, or anything, they think survival is a pie train, almost everything in this great nation is upside down, God help us.

ADD ON: SEPT. 14, 2014

All of this ado and emotional hype about this case is not from football fans and the general public in my view. I think it is extreme liberalism gone amok. I see this as an individual case that has been turned into a mountain out of a mole hill. But, extreme liberalism want to turn it into some kind of domestic violence movement. 

Culture-wise we are past the point of no return when one can’t spank or discipline one’s child anymore, that in itself is a threat to law enforcement everywhere, but liberals are too shallow to see that. 

When undisciplined youngster that have never been conditioned to act with restraint when dealing with frustration reach adulthood only law enforcement stands between them and an orderly safe environment. 

A child’s basic personality is shaped by the age of six and many a first grade school teachers can point out even at that age the ones that will most likely end up in prison. That is our welfare state and liberalism in action.

Spare the rod you spoil the child is as valid today as it was 2000 years ago. Liberalism has destroyed this great nation and I’m just one lone neurotic mentally handicapped cripple trying to make a stand. 

I don’t expect most people to agree with me, but think God we live in a country where I won’t disappear  in the middle of the night. Praise be to God.  CONTINUE >>>>>

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