Thursday, May 8, 2014


I believe societal-wise four or five hard lick on the rear will do more to reduce crime than ten years in modern day prison. That would be especially true with the black young and first time offenders. And the big advantage is its practically free with no housing and caretaking cost to the tax payers. 

Flogging is nothing new and it works. There is a lack of real discipline in the early raising in most African Americans homes today. That lack of discipline is a failure to instill self-restraint which makes one aware of consequences. I think it is time the whole USA criminal justice system considers experimenting with flogging seriously. 

The prisons nationwide are already filled to the brim. Daily as I listen to the local news there is smash and grab, break-ins, muggings, and crime, crime galore. Hell, I know I’m barking up the wrong tree, because oh no, we are too civilized to stoop to something so primitive as flogging. 

I’m just saying we are being over run by crime and taking care of all these law breakers are just too expensive. I’m not talking about the sadistic cold hearted murders and rapist; of course they must be kept locked away. Folks, I’m a writer and I call a spade a spade and tell it as I see it. 

It is not going to get any better folks, either we control crime or it’s going to control us. We know it is a fact that young African American males are committing crimes far out of proportion to their population. We also know that African American mothers shapes and molds the character of these young men more than anyone else.

Our culture is so damaged that most Americans will see me as a hater and the bad guy that doesn’t care about young black men, wrong. However, the real truth and long tern survival of our nation is I am willing to try to save these young men and our nation, too.

A few whacks on the ass may hurt some feelings and may even break a few heart but it won't kill anyone, whereas to do nothing or lock someone away for 5-10 years is a waste of time and money in my view. Get a grip and wake up America, this welfare state is on its way out.

SIRMANS LOG: 08 MAY 2014, 2239 HOURS


Maybe something is wrong with me as a black man because I easily understand cause and effect, which I don’t think most African Americans do. 

I hear so many rich, famous, and educated African Americans bitching and moaning because taxicabs don’t want to stop for African Americans. And why African Americans are stopped so much more by law enforcement and on and on why blacks are picked on. 

It is the same as many people saying we live in the richest and most powerful country in the world, yet, doesn’t have a clue as to why the USA is the most richest and most powerful country. African American thinking has not always been corrupted like it is. 

Before the “New deal” African Americans took pride in working harder and being better at things. Before the new deal almost no one feared and distrusted African Americans in their home, in a store, or anywhere. I live in a small southern town and watch the local news, and almost everyday there is crime, crime, and more crime. 

Its smash and grab, breaking and entering, muggings, shootings, killings, and on and on. And it’s African Americans who are committing 80-90 percent of all of this crime. Yet, we have African American leadership and liberals bewildered and can’t understand why law enforcement and other races fear and distrust us as a race. 

I just don’t get it, what am I missing here. To me it is cause and effect as plain as day; I shake my damn head, duh. Sure, all races commits crime, but, my God, not over five times out of proportion to your race population. We as a race are actually doing far, far more crime, so how can we as a race solve the problem if we won't accept that fact without misplaced blame and phony excuses.

Even Immigrant blacks obey the law, so why are so many of my fellow African American so in denial and ignorant of any cause and effect due to breaking the law. I blame it all on the “New deal” destruction of the black nuclear family by kicking the poor black man out of the home, and the enacting of the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law.


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