Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A constitutional convention in today’s climate is a dangerous and bad idea in my view. A balanced budget amendment is unneeded and a waste of time in my opinion. To me the system itself ain’t broke, it’s just been hijacked by the liberals. 

The role of being a provider in itself calls for wielding power over others. The federal government shouldn’t be a social and family provider in the first place, that is our problem in a nutshell right there. 

Let me say up front, I think a balance budget amendment or anything else is a waste of time for anyone thinking it is going to stop reckless spending. 

As long as government is a social and family provider nothing is going to stop reckless spending until government is voted or kicked out of that role. 

Sure, there are many that believe a balanced budget amendment will solve the problem, but they don’t truly understand human nature. 

The force and drive for reckless spending is the nature of the beast, and it comes with the social and family provider territory. 

It is like honey to a bear, at least conservatives won’t go wild, but with liberals there is no restraint when it comes to spending someone else‘s money. 

You see, we all too some degree has become dependent to this beast, our welfare state. And as long as this beast is in the role of super social and family provider we as dependents are going to allow our leaders to beg, borrow, and even steal to keep it fed. 

Look at what this beast has already done to our values and morals, and we haven’t seen nothing yet. 

The truth is we the citizens are like little dependent children trying to demand a drunkard irresponsible parent stop reckless spending on booze, it ain’t gonna happen. 

We the citizen gave up our independence with the “New deal” when we allowed this beast to seize the social and family provider role for itself. 

Before the “New deal” seized the family provider role, for over 6,000 years the social and family provider role has always belonged to the nuclear and extended family head of household, which dutifully instilled self-restraint, respect for authority, and respect for norms and traditions in the very young. 

This must be done to safeguard the future and future generations, but, when the federal government seized the provider role for itself it failed to carry out these duties. 

That is why our norms, morals, and values has gone to hell, and we are going to loose this great country unless the minimum wage law is repealed entirely. 

That will give the free market place back it's power to save this great nation, nothing else can do it.

The basic personality of an individual is shaped by the age of ten. That includes self-restraint, a respect for authority, morals, values, and society norms. 

So, if no one is instilling proper norms in the very young, how in the hell can anyone expect the USA to stay civilized and crime free. 

There is a survival reason why norms and traditions are so important. It is like everything in life, there is no substitute for experience. 

Having norms and traditions safeguard us from doing a lot of dangerous and stupid stuff that leads to disaster. 

The young has always thought they knew all of the answers and older folks were behind the times and didn’t know what was going on, not realizing that their parents had passed that stage years ago and certain things never change. 

The young is 100 percent of our future. Liberal policy starting with government seizing the social and family provider role and making our economy impotent by adding a minimum wage law is destroying the USA from within. 

I beg and plead, please repeal the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law now, tomorrow may be too late.

The states did something even more stupid than the people giving up their independence, the states gave up their power to control this welfare state beast. 

Before the seventeenth amendment the two state senators in Washington were appointed and worked for and reported to their Governor and state legislature. 

They served their states self-interest, not all of these extreme environmental and other liberal groups. 

The federal government’s role is to collect taxes, protect the nation internally and externally, and do only the few things the people can’t do for themselves, period. 

When the federal government becomes a social and family provider it starts feeding on itself and cannot possible survive over four or five generations in that role. 

People I’m telling you our time is up with having a provider government, everything is already up-side-down. 

So, I’m telling you until the federal government is either voted out or kicked out of its social and family provider role no constitutional convention or balance budget amendment is going to stop reckless spending. 

In our current climate it seems obvious that the federal government will never be voted out of its social and family provider role. 

That means the only way the USA is going to be saved from total doom is for government to be kicked out of the provider role. I’m crazy enough to believe that will soon be done. 

In a free nation there is no force greater than a true genuine free market place economy, not even the law. 

A true free market place economy has the power to break this doomsday grip the welfare state has on this nation and give the power back to the people. 

But, let me add, it is impossible to have a true genuine free market place economy with any amount of a minimum wage in place. 

A minimum wage law de-nuts or castrates a true free market place economy and makes it practically useless discipline-wise. And what the USA have now is not a true free market place economy, but a phony powerless effeminate punk of an economy that is about to self-destruct. 

Only repealing the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law will take the shackles off and allow a genuine true free market place economy to rise up out of the ashes like phoenix and save our dying nation. So, here is the priority of what it is going to take to save the USA from total doom. 

Repeal the minimum wage law entirely, its just that simple, repeal and the USA survives, continue on as is and it will soon be over. 
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SIRMANS LOG: 21 MAY 2014, 1626 HOURS


  1. Mr. Sirmans, Thank you for such content expression of the problems I've spoken so vehemently about. There are other options to a constitutional convention that wouldn't wreak the havoc that a CC would and would yield the desired effect. I don't recall the name of the method right off, but it was explained in Mark Levin's "The Liberty Amendments" involving a convention comprised exclusively of state legislatures that was placed in the founding documents in case of a situation such as our current scenario. The good news is that it's gaining ground. Once again, as another concerned citizen from that same small town, I appreciate your voice.

  2. Thank you for your comment, it is so appreciated.