Tuesday, August 26, 2014

African Americans are bonded to the Democrat party like a mother and child. And any Republican that thank he can break that bond is fooling himself. It is an exercise in futility; it can’t be done by an outsider. 

I’m no scholar on the subject, but I am a great thinker with super natural wisdom. I see mother and child like bonding as a phenomenon in nature. Super strong bonding doesn’t just happen by accident there is a caretaking survival element involved. 

Sure, when born a mother may love her baby because it is hers but the super strong bonding builds from day to day caring for it. In fact a stray animal, plant, or anything that one feeds and provide water will bring about a bond and deep caring for it. 

Two equals tend not to bond. Two dependents tend not to bond. The strongest bonding tends to occur when there is a provider and a dependent. An unselfish provider will always try to wean a dependent to become independent and stand on his own. 

The mother eagle provider break the bond by kicking her young out of the nest thereby forcing them to provide for themselves. African Americans are mentally in the nest of the democrat party and that is where we will stay as along as the welfare state keeps the masses of social programs going. 

As to the republicans, never mind the nation being bankrupted, you are the enemy for being too stingy. However, there is a real problem for the Dems, this thing called “Reality” keep trying to raise its ugly head. The reality is the USA is dead broke and can’t continue footing the bill for mass provider and social spending. 

The liberals are already gutting the military like Western Europe has already done to free up funds. I keep providing the solution but no one wants to hear it because it doesn’t fit our mass economic ignorant thinking. 

I will repeat it for the umpteenth time, repeal the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law, now, that will set the USA economy free and it will save us all. Through out history a true genuine free market place has never failed to save a nation by producing jobs and more than enough of everything a nation needs. 

Otherwise, we go down, we are all doomed when this great nation’s economy soon collapses. Don’t doubt me; I can dissect an economy as well as anyone.

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