Thursday, July 10, 2014

I, great writer Freddie L. Sirmans Sr. rants on, or, is my super natural wisdom the gospel truth on what will save America. What most people fail to understand is that any way of life will be destroyed in 4-5 generations unless the proper norms and traditions are taught to the young. 

During the New deal the government seized the social and family provider role for itself, and from that time since the poor has become totally corrupted. Never in history have the poor murdered unborn babies in the womb, that was always done by the rich and well to do. 

The poor has always needed children for labor and to be taken care of in old age. The poor black man was kicked out of the home and that left no one to teach and enforce norms and traditions in the black family unit. 

That is why we have all of the insane killing in the black community, that is why there is out of control violence and disorder in the African American community. And it ain’t going to get any better until government is out of the social and family provider business, period. Sure, do gooders will talk, talk it to death, but, will never accept a remedy with any teeth in it. 

Since the New deal this whole country is not the same country as before. The mentality is not the same anymore. Gone are the old fashion norms and traditions of depending on ones self. The welfare state has long sent any independent frontier like spirit packing. 

Hell, almost half of the country thinks the government owes them a living. It’s insane, like the USA government can’t ever go broke; where in the hell did stupid thinking like that come from. Not only can the USA and world economy go broke, the USA is already there. The USA is living on borrowed time. 

The USA doesn’t have a pot to piss in. The USA is almost $18,000,000,000,000,000,000 in debt and counting. Due to our welfare state taking away the need for a strong nuclear and extended family system we have nothing to survive on if we can’t borrow anymore, its sheer madness. 

There never has and never will be a society or nation that survived without a dependable nuclear family system in place, period. Ours are in ruins. Our moral and spiritual values also are in ruins. Today’s norm is murdering unborn babies in the womb on demand. And damn the future, just marry the same sex and ignore the fact that there is no future without procreation, who you love is more important than future survival. 

What the hell is my problem, I must be mad or some kind of nut talking all of this normal stuff that was the norm 100 years ago. Your kind is not welcome in the year of our lord two thousand fourteen, go back to the twentieth century. 

If the economy crashed tomorrow we have practically no emergency backup bartering capacity to buy time on. Call me a nut, kook or whatever, but, I know I am right on my grave concerns. I beg and I plead, repeal the evil 1938 socialist Minimum wage law now, it is the USA only hope of survival on what’s headed our way. 

Call me stupid or whatever you like but you ignore my concerns at your own risk. Sometimes, I wonder, Is Washington an imaginary metropolis with a lot of kids behind the wheel.


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