Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The system can only take so much before it breaks and if that happens we all are in trouble, rich, poor and everyone. I think right now if there is mass disorder our welfare state beast is going for an all out power grab. 

The citizen’s still has the vote at the present, but, if chaos takes place we may loose that to never regain it. So, when I fill my destiny and keep sending out the stress call to repeal the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law entirely somebody better listen. 

The only thing that can save the USA and individual freedom is a genuine pure free floating free market place economy, period. And the 1938 socialist minimum wage law is the only thing that is blocking that from happening. 

The minimum wage law must be repealed or found unconstitutional or we won’t survive the coming doom. I promise you I have the supernatural wisdom and survival instinct to know what I’m talking about. 

Nothing and I mean nothing is going to save the USA from a total collapse and doom unless the minimum wage law is gotten rid of one way or another. If you don’t believe me just keep on living, we’ll all soon find out. We all see our system being put to the test; it can only take so much before something snap. 

The thing about a true free float free market place is it doesn’t choose sides and has never failed to produce an over abundance of whatever is needed. Who you know or who is under the desk doesn’t count if you don’t produce.

I don’t care if you are liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, or whatever, if we don’t get this evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law repealed or found unconstitutional we all are going to perish. You disagree, great; we’ll soon see who is right. 

I know the general public will never understand getting rid of the minimum wage law entirely and I understand that, who wouldn’t won’t to make and take home more money, I know I do. That is why the very wise founding father made the USA a republic (If we can keep it). 

But, what’s at stake here is the survival of our country and way of life, and I repeat, there is no way under the sun the USA and individual freedom will survive with the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law still in place, period.
SIRMANS LOG: 16 JULY 2014, 1639 HOURS 

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