Thursday, July 3, 2014

When the USA is 17,000,000,000,000,000,000 in debt and going a trillion or more deeper each year, you are not going to convince me we have a great future or even a future at all. The USA is almost totally at the mercy of its lenders. 

If nothing else, at least repealing the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law would give us a genuine true free market place economy and that would assure our survival under all conditions. 

Wake up America and get a tight grip on reality because this nation is fixing to have a very, very rude awakening. Liberalism, liberalism, liberalism, I shake my head.

These illegal immigrant people think they are coming to the USA promise land, so, what went wrong, who are to blame. As a writer, I don’t know, but, I suspect the hidden hand is the Dems and liberalism.

Love, caring, and having a sense of compassion are good things and is the spice of life. Life would hardly be worth living without these things. However, these predominate feminine emotions make some problems practically unsolvable. 

Most of us know what it is like dealing with a wayward family member. Being an enabler almost never helps. When everything else fails most families just let nature take it course. The same applies to the USA as a nation. 

If the minimum wage law was repealed a true free market place economy would kick in and solve the immigration problem, our jobless problem, our social problems, and on and on. 

In the end this immigration thing will boil down to a test of the USA character and survivability, will we pass the test? Not unless the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law is repealed entirely. 

I hope I’m wrong. Almost no one agrees with me on this, still, I stand by my prediction. This whole thing is bigger than Immigration alone, it will determine if the USA survives with individual freedom still intact. 

Two primary things have allowed the shallow minded liberals to strike at the heart of our system of government and unless that is corrected there is no way possible for the USA to survive as a free nation. 

Number one, by enacting the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law it gave the USA a p . . . . of an economy with no power to discipline itself. Number two, by government seizing the social and family provider role for itself and not enforcing any rules or conditions, that left no one enforcing discipline and passing on norms and traditions for future generations. 

A society can’t just start over from scratch with each generation and expect to survive very long. The USA is falling apart from lack of sound judgment and character with fewer and fewer people with any common sense. 

For example, the law. You don’t obey the law because you like it, you obey the law because it is the law. The law is the only thing that protects us all, and especially the poor and powerless. The news media ought to be up in arms with the way the law is flaunted in our faces in high places. 

It is impossible for this great nation to remain a free people with no respect for the law like what is happening in the USA today. I rest my case, the jury is still out, we’ll see.

No one is above the law doesn’t seem to apply anymore in the USA. The bill of rights and individual freedom is something almost unheard of in history before the USA came along, and I use to wonder why. 

Now, after seeing what liberalism has done to the USA I understand why freedom is so hard to acquire and hang on to? I just chalk it up as nature knows best. Everything about nature and survival is geared toward struggle. 

It is so easy and tempting to just take the course of least resistance and jump on the liberal pie in the sky band wagon. But, I have sense enough to know that no nation can survive without a strong nuclear and extended family system, strong moral and spiritual values, and adequate emergency bartering capacity. 

For 6,000 years until the liberal’s new deal, governments had the sense to leave the social and family provider role in the hands of the nuclear family unit. Instead during the new deal the USA government removed the need for a strong nuclear and extended family system by seizing that power for itself. 

Now, when this whole global economy comes crashing down there is no foundation left to prevent the USA from regressing all the way back to the Stone Age. To me this is common sense thinking, what’s wrong with me for wanting to help save my country and survive, shame on me.

Government forcing a evil 1938 socialist minimum wage or price control on a private profit driven business is unconstitutional, period. Of course every worker would be a fool if he/she didn’t want to take home more money. 

But, force destroys a genuine true free market place economy and results in what’s happening in the USA today with no jobs and galloping out of control cost of living. And the really sad part is it’s only the tip of the iceberg before total collapse and doom.
SIRMANS LOG: 03 JULY 2014, 1908 HOURS 

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