Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A lot of people think the USA has always struggled with socialist and others wanting to change or destroy our system of government, and they are right, but there is a big difference in what happening today. 

The big difference today is our culture, morals, and values are shot all to hell. With a jury in court or voters in an election no one can truly predict how stupid the outcome may turn out. 

before the “New deal” the country went through all kinds of problems and threats but there was never a deadly threat to our culture, morals, and values. Believe it or not, the old saying that no country can afford guns and butter is really true. 

That is why Western Europe has already chosen butter, and the USA is now headed that way at warp speed by gutting our military. The destruction of the inner fabric of the USA started when the government seized the social and family provider role for itself during the “New deal.” 

That was the first dagger stab to our culture, morals, and values. No form of government can survive very long by taking from produces and giving to non produces, in time the load just becomes too great. 

The second deadly and fatal dagger stab to our culture, morals, and values was the enacting of the evil 1938 socialist “Minimum wage” law. 

That was the coup de grace because a true genuine free floating free market place economy not only safeguards and protects itself; it protects a free nations culture, morals, and values, too. 

By enacting an evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law that crippled and took away the economy’s power to discipline itself or the nation. That left the USA with a P. . . . of an economy with no power to discipline itself or fight off inflation. 

That allowed the government to inflate our currency and grow government like never before. Sure, all of this government financial power boomed the economy and made masses of people happy, but, was it really worth the total destruction of the nations culture, morals, and values. I personally don’t think so, but I’m just one lonely neurotic two finger pecking self-made writer. 

I will sum this article up by saying the only thing on earth that has a fighting chance of saving the USA from total destruction is repealing the evil 1938 socialist minimum wage law. And even then it will only give us a fighting chance to overcome four generations of liberal clap trap.

Anyone that doesn’t think that norms and traditions matter; need to take a look at religions that have mandatory chants or prayers. That is their secret to remaining unchanged over thousands of years. And they won’t ever change or deteriorate as long they keep the same norms and traditions going. Yet, we wonder what happen to the good old USA? Duh!

Wise men/women has always known that how you raise your young is not everything, it is the only thing in terms of long time survival, period.

Get a grip America. How can you expect the young to show self-restraint and act responsible when they have never been conditioned to show restraint and act responsible. Duh.


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