Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I think the next two national elections will determine the survival of the USA as a free nation. I also think the next two national elections are the republicans to lose. 

The Dems are going to have a big, big problem distancing themselves from their leader which I think they are beginning to do. Everyone knows that the African Americans vote almost always goes ninety percent plus to the Dems. And most African Americans will never vote republican under any circumstance, which I think is a pity. 

To me that show a survival dependency mentality that was born in slavery. It blocks free thinking and keeps one from feeling responsible for ones own survival. It leaves us blacks mentally dependent on the good white man (Dems) instead of ourselves for our survival. 

Before the “New deal” blacks were more free thinking and independent minded, and even owned far more in wealth and property than today. But, some where after the "New deal" the republicans got branded the enemy and the Dems became our lord and savior. Me, I feel blessed and thankful in spite my troubled soul.

Being mentally dependent minded is why we as a race irresponsible mass kill off each other. We call each other the distasteful “N” word and won’t readily support each other in business when there is a choice, in fact we don’t really have a survival need to love and care about each other. 

That is what this welfare state beast has done to us blacks, it has taken away a survival need for us to need, love, and respect each other. Accordingly to the law of “Natural selection,” anything in nature that doesn’t have a survival need, it start ceasing to exist until its gone. 

Sorry folks, I got carried away, sometimes I start analyzing and go on and on. Now, I was saying the African American voters are the Dems most loyal supporters by far. But, I think the Dems may be skating on thin ice if they think they can kick their leader to the curb and African Americans will still turn out in droves. 

Sure, most will never vote republican under any condition, but that don’t mean many won’t be sitting out the next two elections if not careful, here. That is all, just decided to offer some food for though, and I will leave it at that.

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